Thursday, January 31, 2013

Red Bell Peppers
$2.80 off
When it's cold outside, soup is the perfect meal for those cold, busy afternoons! THRIVE foods help you make SUPER easy, SUPER delicious and SUPER healthy soups!
$1.90 off

We have February specials that are great for use in soup.  My all-time favorite
product is our tomato powder.  THRIVE tomato powder is wonderful to
use as a base in Italian soups, taco soups and vegetable soups.  I also use
it in tomato sauce and casseroles.  It's so VERSATILE, so DELICIOUS,
and so INEXPENSIVE!  All you need is 1/4 cup of THRIVE tomato powder
added to 6 cups of water and you have a soup base; it's 65 cents per 1/4 cup
at this month's price! There's 43 quarter cup servings in one can! 

Tomato Powder
$3.50 off