Preparing Jars for Storage

How I prepare jars using oxygen absorber packets:
(updated 7/2/12)
I purchased a neat little attachment at Bass Pro, so now I use my FoodSaver to vacuum seal my jars, sterilizing the jars and lids prior to sealing.  The below method works well if you don't have a vacuum sealer.

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I've read a few links on preparing jars for freeze-dried food storage, and this is what works for me.  First, I wash and sanitize my jars using my dishwasher.  I allow them to dry in there while I prepare my lids.  I boil the lids and bands for 5 minutes, then put the lids on a cookie sheet in a 210 degree preheated oven---put the rubber sides facing UP!  I allow my jars to cool (you don't want any moisture in there) while my lids are heating.  I then distribute the food and spices between the jars.  I allow a little room on the insides of the jar to put in an oxygen absorber packet, and then I place it just a little below the surface so it won't touch the hot lid.  I use a spatula to remove a prepared lid from the oven and place it on one jar at a time, and then screw a band on it.  In a few hours, you WILL hear "popping" as the oxygen absorber "does it thing".   Be sure to discard the oxygen absorber packet prior to cooking your food (I put this warning on all my directions of my jar gifts). 

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